Each year, we dedicate October 2nd as Wrongful Conviction Day 


International Wrongful Conviction Day was launched by Innocence Canada on October 2, 2014. Wrongful Conviction Day was the idea of Win Wahrer, co-founder and Director of Client Services for the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC), now Innocence Canada. Over the next couple years, Win has worked tirelessly with her group of volunteers (the Wrongful Conviction Day Committee) to spread awareness of this cause. 

Innocence Groups headquartered around the world are committed to identifying, advocating for, and helping in the exoneration of individuals who have been convicted of a serious crime, which they did not commit. Likewise, these groups help alleviate future wrongful convictions through awareness, education and justice system reform. The exonerees shed light on how their lives have been impacted after being wrongfully convicted-during their process of implementation back into society. 


Wrongful conviction day is designated as an international day to recognize the tremendous personal, social and legal costs associated with wrongful criminal convictions. Furthermore, October 2nd is a day iEqually devoted as an international day to inform and educate the broader international community on the causes, consequences and complications associated with wrongful criminal convictions. Likewise, we want to inspire more individuals to advocate for the wrongfully convicted by taking part in aiding with a smoother transition into the community and creating a platform for them to voice their stories. On this day, we strive to motivate individuals to show their support for the wrongfully convicted, and stand together conveying the various struggles that they have endured. 

To achieve this mission, we honour the wrongfully convicted and spread awareness regarding their personal testimonials. Innocence Groups and other organizations from around the world undertake activities to raise awareness about wrongful convictions worldwide. Landmarks across Canada and elsewhere in the world illuminate in yellow and white to draw attention to this important day of recognition and validation. 



Every year, students from educational institutions around the country have been supporting our cause by raising awareness of the social injustices that plague the Canadian legal system by hosting wrongful conviction day in their own communities. Wcd is primarily run by students from all disciplines who recognize the fundamental inequity of wrongful convictions. Some brilliant work has already been achieved by our volunteers and we predict even better things to come; that’s why the WCD committee is always looking for bright and passionate individuals to join our cause. If you are looking to volunteer, please contact us through our contact form and start making an impact now!