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Will Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

February 10, 2020 //Rolling Stone

For two decades, Rob Will has been on death row for the murder of a cop. But activists say there is enough 

additional evidence to save him

Two emotions, 50 years apart

January 31, 2020 //Winnipeg Free press

January 31 is a sombre anniversary for David Milgaard; it marks the 1970 date a court wrongfully convicted 

him for the rape and murder of Saskatoon nursing student Gail Miller.

‘Will you stop typing?’: Five decades after being wrongly convicted, Milgaard reflects on the idea of Canadian justice

CALGARY, January 30, 2020 //CTV

It was January 1969 when Saskatoon police discovered the body of nursing student Gail Miller in a snowbank.

At the same time a carefree teen named David Milgaard was on a road trip with friends, passing through 


B.C. appoints special prosecutor to probe Crown conduct in decade-old child murder case

January 16, 2020 //CBC

The office of B.C.’s attorney general has appointed one of the country’s top defence lawyers to probe the 

conduct of prosecutors involved in a second-degree murder charge laid against a babysitter in 2011.

ALDRICH: Waiting on justice — Wrongful conviction conference coming to Winnipeg

January 14, 2020 //Winnipeg Sun

Justice, especially in the most heinous of cases, is something we all crave and strive for.

In most cases, the police and court system do a reasonable job in tracking down killers and putting them behind 

bars. Except when they do not

Police reject judge’s call to apologise over wrongful conviction

January 13, 2020 //The Guardian

Police have refused to apologise to a man wrongly jailed for 25 years because officers lied at his trial, even after 

the now-retired appeal court judge who quashed the conviction told the Guardian that the force should say sorry.