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Ron Dalton

In 1988, Ron Dalton’s wife, Brenda, choked on dry cereal and was rushed to the hospital, where an inexperienced student doctor mistakenly contributed to her untimely death. Within twenty-four hours an equally inexperienced pathologist concluded she had died of strangulation and Mr. Dalton was immediately arrested and charged with her murder. He was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was incarcerated in the maximum security penitentiary at Renous, where he spent the next eight and a half years fighting to have the appeal of his conviction heard.

He was acquitted in 2000 and immediately began a fight for justice for his wrongful conviction, which led to a Public Inquiry into his case.

Since his acquittal, Mr. Dalton has been actively involved in helping others who have been wrongly convicted in clearing their names and assisting whenever possible as they try to re-integrate back into society. He currently is self employed as an accountant and bookkeeper. Mr. Dalton has been an AIDWYC Director since 2008 and a Co-President since 2013.

“Personally, I found when all else was taken from me I learned to appreciate and trust my own sense of self worth. I was truly the only person who knew, with absolute certainty, I was innocent. I remain extremely grateful to my friends and family members who believed in my innocence and worked tirelessly to help me prove it. Yet I took most solace from the sure and certain knowledge of my innocence that I alone possessed – the truth is a powerful companion in times of darkness.

Simply put, wrong is wrong. We all have an obligation to right the wrongs which come to our attention and do what we can to prevent (or at least correct, when they occur) future wrongful convictions which serve to weaken our criminal justice system and lower our collective faith in fundamental truth and justice”

– Ron Dalton


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