John Artis

Excerpt from his keynote speech at the inaugural AIDWYC Wrongful Conviction Day Reception, October 2, 2014, at Toronto.

John Artis was co-accused, with Rubin Hurricane Carter (in 1966) of the murder of three white men in Patterson, New Jersey. more

Ron Dalton

Ron Dalton, Co-President of AIDWYC invites all to participate in Wrongful Conviction Day (WCD) 2015. more

Rob Baltovich

Rob Baltovich, speaks on the importance of Wrongful Conviction Day. more

Taiwan Association for Innocence urges all to stand up for Jin-Kai Lu

Johnnie Savory

Sunny Jacobs and Peter Pringle

Romeo Phillion

Jamie Nelson

San Antonio Spurs Coach Popovich on WCD

San Antonio Spurs Danny Green on WCD

Golden State Warriors Coach Kerr on WCD

Golden State Warriors David West on WCD

Dallas Mavericks Coach Carlisle on WCD

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