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On October 2nd, we dedicate this day as, Wrongful Conviction Day (WCD).

International Wrongful Conviction Day was launched by Innocence Canada on October 2, 2014. Wrongful Conviction Day was the idea of Win Wahrer, co-founder and Director of Client Services for the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC), now Innocence Canada. We have expanded the world across to promote October 2nd as a day to bring the issues of wrongful conviction to light.





On this day, we honour the wrongfully convicted and spread awareness regarding their personal testimonials. 

Innocence Groups and other organizations from around the world undertake activities to raise awareness about wrongly convicted worldwide. Landmarks across Canada and elsewhere in the world illuminate in yellow and white to draw attention to this important day of recognition and validation.


Each year, October 2nd is dedicated as Wrongful Conviction day to raise awareness for those who have been wrongfully convictions. Innocence groups and other organizations gather to bring awareness to this cause. Check out below if you want to learn more about what has been done on Wrongful Conviction Day in the past or how anybody can get involved by organizing an event of their own

Amidst the political debate, prevalent issues about wrongful conviction often fall to the sidelines. These wrongful convictions can stem from a range of causes, ranging from tunnel vision to false guilty pleas. Click below to learn more about how individuals are wrongfully convicted and some cases that have been exonerated recently.